We set up and run your podcast channel

We are with you in all processes of setting up your podcast channel, planning the content, recording, editing, and publishing it on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.



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Service Processes

Your professional podcast channel is ready in four steps!

Content Planning and Editing

A content plan compatible with your corporate culture and target audience is created. Guest communication and organization is conducted.

Taking Records

Records are taken both online and offline

Podcast Editing

Editing the audio recordings, throwing out the filler words like "umm" or "soo". Adaptation of audio level to podcast platforms. Selecting and adding intro-outro music. If deem necessary sound effects are added.

Publishing the Episode

We make the final edit and publish it in order to deliver it to your target audience.

To produce special series for institutions with original content.
Establishing and executing private channels for institutions.

About Us

Hello! I'm Atakan. And I'm Seha ...This classic intro have already resonated in the ears of the ones who have heard us before

Now we would like to briefly talk about Bubble Works Media

We know, you come up with a few questions when you saw the title. But don't worry, we'll answer all your questions right away.

While Atakan and Seha were struggling to establish their first enterprise during their university years, various members of their society called entrepreneurship "Bubble Work" and they said "I don't say don't do it, do it again but in your spare time" so in order to mock them we have published the first episode of Podcast Bubble Works in February 2019. As we continued our broadcasts for almost a year and a half, we've realized that these prejudices exist not only in entrepreneurship but also in many other fields.

​​Afterwards we've begin to produce other original content as, Umut, who worked professionally on yoga, meditation and psychology, with Pandora's Box 🧘 , Gözde and Emre, who became the inseparable duo of wine by conducting many tasting events with the La Cucina Tasting initiative, with A "Couple" of Grapes, in which they've blended funny and interesting information about wine with their own stories 🍷, and finally Canan with A Millenial where she discusses the career journey of the Z generation, the competencies that needed to be earned, their troubles, worries, hopes, excitements, misunderstandings and much more in order to give a different perspective to those who think "the youth of this time is a little bit strange" 🥳, joined us. In the meantime, we too could not stand still and initiated the Technology Agenda within 5 minutes 💻 which allows you to reach the most prominent daily news in the field of technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation quickly and without confusion.

In addition to the original contents of Bubble Works, we have cooperated with GOOINN who became a companion to companies in their cultural transformations by transferring the entrepreneurship and innovation competence to them and we have implemented the podcast channels of notable companies of our country such as Sabancı Holding, GİRVAK, and actively undertake the executive role of various channels with our services such as: content planning, recording - moderation, post-editing, and publishing.

In short, we are a team that focuses on creating value with both its own resources and individuals or enterprises that are aware of podcast field which is an important part of the new generation media, and we work with the passion of feeding the heart and brain while leaving a mark on the ears. We are very happy to see you among us! 🤗